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Alexandra Lander

“Of all the things I write for a living, fiction will always be my first love.
I like to tell a good story. It may begin as a few ideas loosely based on reality, and then take a turn into the boundless world of the writer’s imagination…after which it emerges as something far more entertaining. Sometimes the ideas come like scenes in a movie, with the novel literally writing itself. Others are a long, painstaiking process like weaving a tapestry thread by thread.”

~Alexandra Lander

Click Here to listen to Alexandra’s interview with Wayne Potter on the Keeping Kurrent Show (Portland, OR)!
Click Here to listen to Alexandra's book reading (also from the interview.)



Exploring multiple genres, Alexandra has
taken readers on a techno-thriller ride
of social networking deceit in California’s
scenic wine country…


…and invited them into the quirky and
entertaining workplace of a Gen-Y
professional who embarks on a year-long
inner odyssey to find her life’s purpose.

Just Wait

darkness brewing

Alexandra’s chilling short story “Howie”
appears in the Coffeehouse Writers Group anthology.

Darkness Brewing, now on amazon.com.

In the works are a period novel based on the adventures of her Northern Italian grandparents who immigrated to America in the early 1900s and became pasta entrepreneurs, and a metaphysically flavored novel about three characters’ self-examination of what they truly believe as they undergo life’s darkest trials.

©2013 Alexandra Lander