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Alexandra Lander grew up the youngest of nine children in a highly creative, close-knit family from the Midwest. Her passion for writing has existed ever since she bought her first journal in the third grade, and her very first readers were sixth grade classmates who clandestinely passed around her short stories during class.

Alexandra’s dedication to the craft was fostered by many encouraging and memorable teachers from elementary school through college. In the last two decades, she has been many things…a Federal employee, a school teacher, a writer/editor for elementary-level textbooks and assessment programs, a singer/songwriter, a licensed massage therapist, and author of the novels, "saffire_21" and "Just Wait." Alexandra writes with the intention that her works be inspirational, as well as entertaining, to all who read them.

When she’s not writing, Alexandra enjoys live music, traveling, socializing with friends, and hiking or biking out in the middle of the gorgeous wilderness. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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