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Just Wait

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For Mira Winfield, the American Dream is beginning to seem like an exclusive night club where the bouncer keeps turning her away. Unlike most of her friends who have already begun their families, Mira has no college degree, no meaningful career, and has yet to even cross paths with the father of her future children. With her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, Mira is frustrated with the stagnation of life and even more frustrated by people who keep assuring her, “Just wait…you’ll get there.”

After witnessing the birth of her best friend’s baby, Mira can wait no longer. She launches herself down a bittersweet path of self-analysis that includes therapy, radical break-room discussions at work, “dating blitzes,” yogic wisdom, Zen meditation, and even erotic Bible verses! Cheered on by a caring sister, a saucy best friend, and an office full of sundry and entertaining coworkers, Mira discovers how much can change when she lets go of timetables.

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The Internet: a cyber-playground in which we can be—or not be—whomever we want. Yearning for escape from her stagnant job in a Cincinnati publishing company, thirty-eight year-old Cara Shannon frequents the message boards of an eclectic online radio station where she meets a host of unique people—including the mysterious "saffire_21," whom she begins to suspect is her niece Arianna.

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